Who We Are

We are a small group of organizations committed to sharing knowledge, materials and training to help improve financial literacy for Indigenous children, youth, adults, families and elders in British Columbia.

The Indigenous Financial Literacy Committee was established in 2010 for the primary purpose of building culturally sensitive planning and practices to help prepare Indigenous clients for independence as they reach age 19. As the committee evolved we expanded our scope to include all ages.

Mission Statement – What We Do

  • The purpose of the Indigenous Financial Literacy Committee is to provide strategic oversight for the development of financial literacy programming. All members of this committee have a mutual interest in creating a program that reflects the common goal of improving financial literacy by collaborating with other agencies involved in financial literacy.
  • The Financial Literacy Committee explores new ways of reaching, engaging and sharing knowledge to our audience.
  • We seek to build relationships with organizations to help reach our audience and improve financial literacy levels of the people we serve.
  • We strive to work with others to promote our work and create sustainable legacies in the communities we serve.
  • We scan on our environments on an ongoing basis to ensure our materials are of the highest quality, are up to date and reflect the needs of the people we serve.


  1. Sharing knowledge on culturally relevant financial literacy tools, products and/or programs aimed at improving financial literacy among Indigenous children, youth, adults, families and elders.
  2. Promoting materials and resources at appropriate venues including conferences and events
  3. To be evaluated on an annual basis by the communities we serve.

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